2015 VW Golf Training : Denver


Mujo Kuburic and Brad Laursen sent us these sneak peak photos from their visit to Denver to preview and train on the NEW 2015 VW Golf line up!

Brad and Mujo gave us some of the highlights from their trip and their opinion on the new Mk7 2015 VW Golf!

Brad’s Feedback from Golf Training:

  • Overall a lot more bang for your buck. The price of the 2015 VW Golf is reasonable and you are getting features that are normally upgrades in other models as standard features.
  • The torque increased from 207 pounds to 258 pounds and you can tell a considerable different.
  • The suspension can be changed.
  • The interior feels bigger than the last model.
  • The profile is lower and it is more aero-dynamic
  • Leather is now offered as an option in the Golf and the Golf TDI, which wasn’t an option before.
  • Fender audio is also offered and the whole entertainment package is very efficient.
  • The 2015 VW Golf is very simliar to and could easily replace the Audi A3 Hatchback, which is no longer in production

Mujo’s Feedback from Golf Training:

  • Feels like a throwback to the Mk 4 VW Golf.
  • They made a new key design, closer to the look of an Audi key.
  • A new steering wheel design.
  • The VW Golf doesn’t look like a basic design, it feels expensive.
  • Cruise control is on the steering wheel instead of the blinker switch.
  • There is definitely more truck space in the 2015 Golf.

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New 2015 Golfs will be making their way to the VW Southtowne Showroom/Lot as early as the first week of June. There is no definite sale date, but we will keep you updated! For Pricing click HERE!


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