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We like to offer our VW customers as many resources as possible. VW Southtowne was directed to a Reddit  and a VW Group forum site regarding the TDI Buy back process and discussions of what other VW TDI customers are going through.

Since VW dealers are only facilitators for TDI buy back appointments and drop off’s, we don’t have answers to your questions. We do try to keep an ear out to direct you to good resources for the emissions settlement q&a’s.

You can visit that REDDIT page by clicking HERE

Or you can visit the VW Group Forum by clicking HERE

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Driving Sales finds out how VW Southtowne is faring during the emission scandal.


We thank the crew at Driving Sales for this insighful article to how business is running around VW Southtowne, Utah’s #1 Volume dealer, during the VW emissions scandal.

These are some words from our GM, Josh Osborne regarding the uncertainty. “There was a lot of unsurety about the brand, a lot of people unsure about whether or not they wanted to stick. Before Volkswagen stated whether or not they were going to be giving out assistance, cash, whether or not they’d be helping out in any way with the guests, we wanted to get that message out loud and clear and hear it first from VW SouthTowne rather that VW corporate.”

To read the article and check out a video click HERE.

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Josh Osborne GM and Bryan Armstrong E-Commerce Director for VW Southtowne